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Cochise Family Advocacy Center, Inc.
214 East Tacoma Street  (PO Box 3413 Zip/85636)
Sierra Vista, Arizona 85635

To support us please send your check to:

Cochise Family Advocacy Center
PO Box 3413
Sierra Vista, AZ 85636
You may donate to our PayPal Account with your credit card or PayPal account by clicking on the link below:
If you would rather donate to us directly at the center we are always in need of:

  • CELL PHONES - These handy devices are really needed for our domestic violence victims!

  • Manilla and hanging file folders

  • Reams of copy paper

  • Snack foods for the little ones (crackers, pre-packaged school style snacks)

  • Capri-Sun juice or any other low sugar individual juices 

  • Coffee

  • Baby wipes, Baby related items

  • Paper towel and toilet paper

  • Liquid hand soap

  • Laundry detergent (gentle, non abrasive please)

  • Personal safety items - for our domestic violence victims 
       (i.e- pepper spray, keychain alarms, your old home cameras)​

  • TOYS - So often we will work with children whom have been removed from dangerous and abusive environments. These 
      children are often left with very few belongings and we love to be           able to give them a toy all their own. 

  • BLANKETS​ - As I am sure you know, There is nothing like the comfort of a soft blanket to get through the hardest of times.

  •  Last but not least, we are always grateful for any landscaping / yard work assistance! Make it a family affair, we don't care!

You ​can tell the State of Arizona how to spend your tax dollars!
Lori's Place qualifies for the dollar for dollar tax credit.  Allowed amount is up to $400 for singles and $800 for couples.  You can either donate right here on this site through PayPal or send us a check and we will send you the appropriate receipt.
Thank you for your support!